BeKind body co.

Small batch, handmade natural skincare made in Nelson New Zealand


How many times a week should i use my scrub?

We suggest to use your scrub 2-3 times a week on your body and once a week on your face.

Can ladies use the man scrub?

Yes ladies! You can of course use the Man scrub and men yes you can use the original scrub. The Man scrub has a blend of essential oils and a tad coarser sugar but it is still perfect for both male and female.

How long will my scrub last once opened?

We recommend you use your scrub within a year of opening .

what should i mix my clay mask with?

A plastic or wooden spoon is ideal for mixing your mask, not a metal spoon. As once the bentonite clay is mixed with water it becomes active which in turn draws toxins from any metals it comes in contact with.

CAN I USE MY SCRUB on my face?

You can use our scrub on your face as well as your body. We suggest you exfoliate your face just once a week and use lighter pressure than you would on your body.

Like any new product though we do recommend a test patch before use.

how long should i leave my face mask on?

Leave your mask on for roughly 10 -15 minutes or until it just starts to dry, then wash off with a warm face cloth. Don't wait until it has completely dried as this will dry out your skin.